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So you wanna speak at Elevate CX, eh? Elevate is a conference for anyone in Customer Experience - that means customer support, customer success, or even product management. We produce a very different event from your average support conference - our attendees have refined, specific skills and opinions. They already know what they do is important and they do a pretty good job already. Our attendees are seeking education, advice, and ACTIONABLE information that they might not already have from people who have real-life experience to share. We’re looking for your in-the-trenches stories, your failure stories, your head-slapping revelations that changed your business for the better, and small tweaks that hugely improved your metrics or KPI's.
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Elevate CX is broken up into two days:
Day 1: Support For Support, where we showcase talks on self-care, personal/career growth, communication styles, and interpersonal skills.
Day 2: Tactical and Technical talks, focused on metrics, KPI's, interdepartmental communication, product, QA, and statistics. Which day does your talk fit into?@

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Thanks so much for applying to speak! We'll take a look and let you know if we've got room for you to join us. Keep in mind we do multiple events a year, so if we don't select you for our next event, you could still join us later on.

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